The Best Global Destinations for a Halloween Wedding

Love the idea of holding your wedding festivities in a fright-filled locale? There are dozens of locations around the world where couples love to hold their Halloween-themed celebrations, but a few spots stand out from the rest. Here are 5 of the best locations to consider if you’re planning a Halloween wedding!


  • Transylvania, Romania


Home to the famous, fictional vampire Dracula, Transylvania is widely recognized as one of the most iconic regions in the world to spend Halloween. In the months leading up to the spooky season, Transylvania transforms into a Halloween-lover’s paradise. Bran Castle, the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s iconic novel, is the perfect setting for couples who love all things medieval and magical. The castle recently held its first wedding ceremony and now more couples are beginning to look at this location as the perfect setting for their fall destination wedding.

Throughout the region, you and your guests can enjoy haunted tours through medieval towns and Halloween-themed parties within Gothic castles during October. In addition to touring the famed castle, visitors love taking advantage of day trips to explore more of the Romanian countryside.


  • New Orleans, Louisiana


Home to the iconic French Quarter (and a handful of haunted hotels), New Orleans is recognized as a favorite location to enjoy the Halloween haunts. One luxury venue in particular, Hotel Provincial, is known as one of the best sites in the city to spot a spirit wandering the halls. Once a Civil War hospital, Hotel Provincial has been transformed into a gorgeous, vintage venue, complete with historic architecture, elegant courtyards, and an award-winning restaurant on site.

“The Big Easy” is notorious for its voodoo and vampires and you can watch the city come alive with these iconic characters during the month of October. Among costume parties and galas, New Orleans goes above and beyond to give back to charity during these frightful festivities. You and your partner can get on board by encouraging wedding guests to donate to organizations that benefit the local communities.


  • Ireland


Did you know Ireland can be credited for birthing the beloved holiday of Halloween? That’s right, this luscious country is to thank for one of our favorite holidays of the year. The traditions began 3,000 years ago in the Celtic country as a celebration of the beginning of winter, but the thrills and chills of Halloween are still celebrated throughout the country to this day.

Couples who desire a truly terrific spot for their tricks and treats will love BallyGally Castle in Antrim. The ghost of Lady Isabella Shaw is believed to have haunted the hotel’s halls for over 400 years. In addition to honoring her memory with a “Ghost Room”, BallyGally boasts romantic architecture dating back hundreds of years, complete with stone spires and stunning sea views. For couples looking to celebrate a more modern way, big cities across Dublin host large festivals, parades, and parties for locals and visitors to enjoy together.


  • Salem, Massachusetts


Once the site of the infamous 17th-century witch trials, Salem, Massachusetts has continued to be a Halloween hotspot centuries later. Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors make their way to Salem to enjoy the spooks and spirits that are said to be wandering the city, and your guests will be treated to the same experience. Voted the best place to celebrate Halloween in the U.S., visitors can enjoy re-enactments of the witch trials and experience the candlelit graveyard tour that pays homage to those that lost their lives during the famed witch hunts.

Hawthorne Hotel remains one of the most popular spots in the area for couples tying the knot. Previous guests claim to have seen supernatural happenings throughout the venue, like sightings of Bridget Bishops’ ghost, the first woman to die in the witch hunt. As a venue, however, guests love the view the hotel offers of Salem’s Common from the Grand Ballroom. Combine these views with the incomparable fall foliage that covers the Northeast in October, and you and your partner will be in for a romantic celebration.


  • Mexico


For a truly unique trick-or-treating experience, consider heading down to Mexico for your wedding festivities. Dia de Los Muertos brings a week-long celebration to cities and towns across this tropical country, and celebrating Dia de Los Muertos in Mexico is becoming a major bucket list item for travelers all around the world. Mexico City is always a crowd favorite for this holiday, but more and more, tourists and honeymooners are flocking to San Miguel de Allende for its authentic All Saints’ Day celebrations.

Among some of the favorite spots to tie the knot in this quaint town is the town’s pink Neo-Gothic church. Countless couples have decided to make this the place they say their “I do’s”. In addition to its picturesque streets and stunning sunsets, couples won’t be disappointed with the opportunity to tie in the delicious local cuisine with their big day.

In which of these spooky spots would you want to say your “I do’s”? Whichever one you and your future spouse pick for your happy Halloween wedding, we’d love to come along to capture every chilling moment of your special day. Give us a call to discuss incorporating our video services into your luxury Halloween wedding!

The 5 Most Popular Destination Wedding Locations in 2018

You just said “yes!” to one of the most important questions in your life! Whether you’re still reeling from the excitement or you’ve been planning your dream wedding for a while, there are certain wedding trends that most brides can agree on. And this year, that trend is the destination wedding. If you’ve ever dreamed of getting married in a historic Irish Castle or on the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean, check out these 5 trending wedding destinations for your location inspiration.


  • Portugal



Portugal is Europe’s newest hot spot, and it’s no exception for destination weddings. For those who love the bustle of popular European cities, you’ll find incredible restaurants, fascinating sights, and affordable amenities within its capital city of Lisbon. This city also offers unforgettable venues, including manors, palaces, and monasteries, that are available for your ceremony or reception. If you’re wanting a slightly more tropical location, check out the nearby coastal city of Cascais for stunning wedding photos featuring seaside cliffs and sandy beaches. Prefer to have a countryside wedding? Consider looking into Sintra or Obidos for two historical countryside cities. Portugal is known for its incredible wine selection and beautiful year-round weather, which guests will no doubt enjoy.


  • Italy



Paris may be the City of Love, but Italy is easily the Country of Romance. From well-traveled tourist destinations like Rome, Venice, Tuscany, and Florence, to lesser-known spots like Bologna, Genoa, and Lucca. When it comes to planning a destination wedding, Italy has something for every bride. Historical chapels in the city, waterside manors, and countryside villas are all available for brides looking for their perfect destination wedding venue. Italy has always been a popular location for brides searching for their ultimate romantic destination, and it will remain that way for a while.


  • Ireland



Another European destination gathering attention from international brides is the beautiful, lush country of Ireland. It is now considered the #1 destination for heritage weddings.  Ever dreamed of saying “I do” in a European castle? The Irish countryside is chock-full of royal venues. Many of these castles and manors offer in-house wedding teams to provide you top-notch vendors for your special day. Being a relatively small country, you and your wedding guests will enjoy the ability to tour the country before and after the big day. Ireland is fully welcoming to international brides and is becoming one of the top locations for future brides planning their special day.


  • Morocco



Ever heard about couples traveling to get married in Morocco? No? Well, you probably will soon. Morocco is on its way to becoming one of the top destinations for couples looking to say “I do”. From it’s jaw-dropping architecture to its colorful decor, Morocco is becoming one of the most photogenic locations for destination weddings. A variety of palaces, courtyards, and beachside venues are available for future brides to book. March, April, and May are the most beautiful months when spring begins and the landscape is green and lush.  Although, September and October are the most pleasant months for the most temperate weather. We would just recommend avoiding Ramadan (May-June), as many vendors will not be available during the daytime!


  • Costa Rica



Central American countries have always been a popular and budget-friendly region for destination wedding goers, and Costa Rica is no exception. Elegant rural estates and upscale oceanfront properties make up this country’s most luxurious wedding venues. Whether you dream of taking a dip in the Caribbean or hiking through the rainforest of Corcovado National Park, you’re sure to find it in this tropical destination.

From the Italian hillsides to the sandy beaches of Costa Rica, more and more brides are choosing to go international for their nuptials this year. No matter where you choose to hold your special day, we would love to come along for the ride with our global travel expertise. Give our team a call for our wedding videography services or check out our website to see some of our past work!

The Best Destinations for Your Summer Honeymoon

Greece, Hawaii, and Switzerland are some of the most popular honeymoon destinations for newly wed couples, but are they the best destinations to visit in the summertime? If you and your fiancé are planning a honeymoon to take after your summer wedding, consider some of these top honeymoon destinations around the globe.


  • Czech Republic


While you won’t be able to avoid the inevitable summer crowds in this European country, you and your new spouse will get to experience the beauty of the Czech Republic in the summertime. Spend your honeymoon wandering the cobblestone streets of Europe’s fairytale city, and/or venture outside of the country’s capital to visit the famed “Bone Church” in Kutna Hora or peer from the romantic castle’s belltower in Cesky Krumlov, both quick day trips from Prague. The best time to visit this country is between May and September, and if you go, make sure you make time to see the Prague Castle, Astronomical Clock, and spend a romantic evening seeing a show at the Prague National Theater.


  • Canada


With an entire country to choose from, you and your partner will have no issues finding romantic ways to spend your honeymoon in Canada. From the European-style locations like Quebec City and Fairmont Banff Springs to the natural beauty of Niagara Falls and Vancouver Island, you can plan an incredible Canadian honeymoon full of hiking, sightseeing, and luxurious hospitality. Summer is arguably the best time to visit Canada for its warmer, but still mild, weather and luscious natural beauty.


  • French Polynesia


Known for its overwater bungalows and jaw-dropping sunsets, French Polynesia is a favorite among honeymooners seeking a carefree, romantic vacation. And it’s not hard to see why! Whale watching, snorkeling, catamaran trips, and guided walking tours are just a few of the countless activities to do on these tropical islands. Try visiting one of their smaller “motus” for a much more private experience.  Our summer is French Polynesia’s winter and this season provides the best weather and water visibility for honeymooners looking for a tropical escape.


  • Ireland


For couples seeking a more temperate, cultural honeymoon, Ireland is the place to be. From its romantic villages to the luscious greenery covering the island, a honeymoon in Ireland is like a fairytale. If a rainy walk through the historic, cobblestone streets of Dublin sounds like a dream, consider booking a round-trip ticket for two to this popular honeymoon destination. While in Ireland, consider a trip to the Cliffs of Moher for an unforgettable sight and a stop by the Killarney National Park for a breathtaking hike past waterfalls and eye-catching lakes. The best months of the year to visit Ireland are July and August, so consider getting a head start on planning your Ireland honeymoon!


  • France


“The City of Lights” isn’t the only romantic stop in this Western European country. For those seeking a more tropical honeymoon destination, consider a trip to the French Riviera to visit famous towns like Cannes, Saint-Tropez, and Monaco. For couples desiring a hillside escape to French vineyards and historical villages, look into visiting the Champagne region of France. This well-traveled country offers amenities for every honeymoon budget, from stays in 5-star resorts to reasonably priced apartments in the country’s capital. France draws its biggest crowds in the summertime, so consider booking a May or September honeymoon to avoid the crowds and expensive prices.


  • Thailand


From the big cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai to the magical islands like Koh Lipe and Koh Phi Phi, Thailand is a country full of enough adventures to last you months. Thailand is the perfect location if you and your future spouse are dreaming of a honeymoon that includes both cultural experiences and pristine white beaches. Diving, boat tours, and great nightlife are just some of the many perks that come with a honeymoon in this Asian country. No matter what you and your fiance(e) want from your honeymoon, you’re bound to find it in the beauty that is Thailand.


  • South Africa


Sand dunes, wine-tasting, and safaris: these are just a few of the many adventures that await couples planning to honeymoon in South Africa. Summer in South Africa may be on the chilly side, but the summer months offer the best time to go on a safari adventure and explore the countryside. However, if you have your heart set on getting some sun on the South African beaches, consider postponing your honeymoon to the winter months for warmer weather and better beachside activities.


  • Brazil


If the 2016 Summer Olympics weren’t convincing enough, maybe the beautiful rainforests, world-famous beaches, and cultural sites will inspire you to honeymoon in Brazil. Visiting Brazil during its off season (May-September) will ensure you avoid the big crowds and overwhelming heat. A visit to Brazil during these months will offer weather in the 70s/80s and less packed beaches, providing a romantic vacation for you and your spouse. If you love dancing, relaxing on the beach, and exploring natural wonders, Brazil may be the perfect honeymoon destination for you.

From unbelievably romantic beaches to historic towns and villages, the options are endless for any couples looking to have a wonderful summertime honeymoon. If you’re planning a destination wedding, take a look at our blog post Popular Wedding Traditions around the World for help following local customs. And for more information on hiring a wedding videographer to capture every moment of you special day, contact us!