The Best Global Destinations for a Halloween Wedding

Love the idea of holding your wedding festivities in a fright-filled locale? There are dozens of locations around the world where couples love to hold their Halloween-themed celebrations, but a few spots stand out from the rest. Here are 5 of the best locations to consider if you’re planning a Halloween wedding!


  • Transylvania, Romania


Home to the famous, fictional vampire Dracula, Transylvania is widely recognized as one of the most iconic regions in the world to spend Halloween. In the months leading up to the spooky season, Transylvania transforms into a Halloween-lover’s paradise. Bran Castle, the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s iconic novel, is the perfect setting for couples who love all things medieval and magical. The castle recently held its first wedding ceremony and now more couples are beginning to look at this location as the perfect setting for their fall destination wedding.

Throughout the region, you and your guests can enjoy haunted tours through medieval towns and Halloween-themed parties within Gothic castles during October. In addition to touring the famed castle, visitors love taking advantage of day trips to explore more of the Romanian countryside.


  • New Orleans, Louisiana


Home to the iconic French Quarter (and a handful of haunted hotels), New Orleans is recognized as a favorite location to enjoy the Halloween haunts. One luxury venue in particular, Hotel Provincial, is known as one of the best sites in the city to spot a spirit wandering the halls. Once a Civil War hospital, Hotel Provincial has been transformed into a gorgeous, vintage venue, complete with historic architecture, elegant courtyards, and an award-winning restaurant on site.

“The Big Easy” is notorious for its voodoo and vampires and you can watch the city come alive with these iconic characters during the month of October. Among costume parties and galas, New Orleans goes above and beyond to give back to charity during these frightful festivities. You and your partner can get on board by encouraging wedding guests to donate to organizations that benefit the local communities.


  • Ireland


Did you know Ireland can be credited for birthing the beloved holiday of Halloween? That’s right, this luscious country is to thank for one of our favorite holidays of the year. The traditions began 3,000 years ago in the Celtic country as a celebration of the beginning of winter, but the thrills and chills of Halloween are still celebrated throughout the country to this day.

Couples who desire a truly terrific spot for their tricks and treats will love BallyGally Castle in Antrim. The ghost of Lady Isabella Shaw is believed to have haunted the hotel’s halls for over 400 years. In addition to honoring her memory with a “Ghost Room”, BallyGally boasts romantic architecture dating back hundreds of years, complete with stone spires and stunning sea views. For couples looking to celebrate a more modern way, big cities across Dublin host large festivals, parades, and parties for locals and visitors to enjoy together.


  • Salem, Massachusetts


Once the site of the infamous 17th-century witch trials, Salem, Massachusetts has continued to be a Halloween hotspot centuries later. Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors make their way to Salem to enjoy the spooks and spirits that are said to be wandering the city, and your guests will be treated to the same experience. Voted the best place to celebrate Halloween in the U.S., visitors can enjoy re-enactments of the witch trials and experience the candlelit graveyard tour that pays homage to those that lost their lives during the famed witch hunts.

Hawthorne Hotel remains one of the most popular spots in the area for couples tying the knot. Previous guests claim to have seen supernatural happenings throughout the venue, like sightings of Bridget Bishops’ ghost, the first woman to die in the witch hunt. As a venue, however, guests love the view the hotel offers of Salem’s Common from the Grand Ballroom. Combine these views with the incomparable fall foliage that covers the Northeast in October, and you and your partner will be in for a romantic celebration.


  • Mexico


For a truly unique trick-or-treating experience, consider heading down to Mexico for your wedding festivities. Dia de Los Muertos brings a week-long celebration to cities and towns across this tropical country, and celebrating Dia de Los Muertos in Mexico is becoming a major bucket list item for travelers all around the world. Mexico City is always a crowd favorite for this holiday, but more and more, tourists and honeymooners are flocking to San Miguel de Allende for its authentic All Saints’ Day celebrations.

Among some of the favorite spots to tie the knot in this quaint town is the town’s pink Neo-Gothic church. Countless couples have decided to make this the place they say their “I do’s”. In addition to its picturesque streets and stunning sunsets, couples won’t be disappointed with the opportunity to tie in the delicious local cuisine with their big day.

In which of these spooky spots would you want to say your “I do’s”? Whichever one you and your future spouse pick for your happy Halloween wedding, we’d love to come along to capture every chilling moment of your special day. Give us a call to discuss incorporating our video services into your luxury Halloween wedding!