Jericho and Allon’s Wedding

You always remember your firsts…the first meaningful glance on your first date or the first time they took your hand to express to the world that “yes they are mine!” As wedding film producers (or videographers as most like to call us) we too remember our first wedding shoot as such a precious moment.

A few years back we had the honor to film Allon and Jericho’s wedding. We wanted to make it really special and unique for them, so we decided to interview them individually and record their version of their love story. We interviewed them about 5 days before their wedding so the giddiness and anticipation of their nuptials were consuming their thoughts. We asked them basic questions like how they met, when they knew he/she was the one and who was the first to say “I love you”. It was truly a lot of fun for us to hear their responses, learn of their love story and see the excitement in their faces as they talked about the other. It was if they knew each other for many years yet they were experiencing each other for the first time.

What stood out the most is that both Allon and Jericho, unbeknownst to the other, said they couldn’t “imagine journeying through life with anyone else”. What struck me even more was the fact that we were currently in the legal process of trademarking “Celebrating the Journey”. This statement is the iconic expression of what we, at Life Event Films, feel we are creating for our clients through films. Being proposed to, getting married, and creating a life legacy are all wonderful pieces of the journey deserving to be celebrated.

To this day, we still feel so honored to share in such an intimate time in a couple’s lives and film their wedding. Nothing makes us happier than to hear someone say “We want Life Event Films to be the company that captures our magical day”. We love recording their voices and weaving in those wonderful sound bites all while capturing the beauty of their unique love story. It is such a privilege to film our clients and create films that reflect their perfect wedding fairytale coming to life!

Thank you to Allon and Jericho for choosing us and we hope your journey together takes you physically, spiritually, and emotionally to places that never could have imagined!

Their Review:

“Not only were the videographers of Life Event Films professional and the kindest people ever, the owners themselves were engaged, always available, and took a personal interest in my husband’s and my big day! They treated us like we were their top priority and the most important event they’d ever captured. I’ve seen a lot of wedding films, and I’ve NEVER seen any as sweet and as high quality as mine. I’m in love with my wedding film and I’m so grateful to Life Event Films that I can now re-watch and celebrate our wedding day with my husband every anniversary.”

Take a look at Allon and Jericho’s Wedding Promo Video:

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